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Faceclaims are Probably Tom Hiddleston and Bettie Page
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Thor - Scenery Porn


[I have an obsession with chinchillas and Nazis. Bonus points for Nazi chinchillas]

»Initiate Mun Monday


Send me a symbol and I’ll respond accordingly;;

♫ - Show your face
♣ - Sexuality
♦ - Relationship Status
↕ - State/Country you’re from
φ - Post your Tumblr Crushes
≡ - Most recent game played.
∞ - How did you get into Tumblr?
Ω - Got any Tumblr “Senpai’s” and if so who?
♥ - Top Celebrity crush
☻ - Favorite Blog I follow/Rp with
◘ - Random Fact about Mun
• - Random Fact about Muse
► - Asker gives a question


making HONEST ANTAGONISTS who believe they’re in the right and firmly believe in what they’re doing is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING than making them “crazy” because of some outside influence. make villains who believe they are the protagonists


Can we all take a moment to pray for Ironman’s suit in 1978 😂

Munday Symbols


❤ - Any tumblr senpais
❣ - An unpopular opinion I have
⋆ - A ship I have with my character
❧ - A ship I have with your character
✗ - A ship I can’t stand
☒ - A fact about the mun
☑ - A fact about the character
✾ - Why I chose my character
◎ - Relationship status
❂ - Post a picture of myself
☄ - My opinion of you


Cowboy Bebop Episode 2 “Stray Dog Strut” (1998)

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